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i-Link Research abides by industry standards and guidelines as prescribed by the Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS), and ESOMAR, the world association of research professionals.

ISO 20252

i-Link achieved ISO 20252 certification in May 2008. ISO 20252 is the international standard for market, social and opinion research - the recognised industry standard for market research in Australia. One of our highest priorities is ensuring adherence to the procedures we put in place to achieve this certification. This means that we manage all the projects entrusted to us with a steadfast commitment to quality, consistency and professionalism.

Industry Affiliations

i-Link holds company and industry memberships with AMSRS, AMSRO and ESOMAR, and as such adheres to the following guidelines and codes of practice:

  • ESOMAR guideline for online research
  • AMSRO Market and Social Research Privacy Code and the Australian Privacy Principles as detailed in the Privacy Act 1988. Click here to view i-Link's Privacy Policy.
  • AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour and guidelines on the confidential handling and delivery of respondent information

In addition, i-Link fully adheres to the Australian Anti-Spam laws and applies this on a global level.

ISO 26362

i-Link achieved ISO 26362 certification for our online panel, LiveTribe, in early 2013.

Certification to ISO 26362, the international standard for access panels in market, opinion and social research, covers the operation and management of an online community panel to provide project management services for conducting market research studies online.

The LiveTribe panel is administered through i-Link's proprietary panel management system, i-Connect. All features and capabilities of i-Connect have been developed to comply with ISO 26362 standards.

ISO 27001

i-Link systems and technology is accredited to ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). This accreditation is granted for the provision of consultancy, design, supply, content management, operation maintenance and support of computer system services, data networks and computer software development.

Return Path Accreditation

i-Link is a certified Return Path sender. Attaining Return Path email certification requires compliance with the specific standards, metrics and requirements which represent best practice in the mass deployment of emails, in our case for the purpose of inviting participation to quantitative and qualitative research activities.

Having this accreditation ensures that the emails we send to research participants are "whitelisted", and not considered as spam by email providers and filtering companies.

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