Made for research

i-Link's online research platforms have been meticulously designed to achieve the best possible research outcomes.

Our comprehensive set of research tools gather responses that are well considered, unbiased and unhindered by technology.

i-Link’s online research platforms include three specific applications designed for both quantitative and qualitative research studies.


i-Question is our premier application for managing online quantitative research projects. Featuring a range of tools for creating online questionnaires, data collection and reporting; it is a highly adaptable system that can cater to surveys of all kinds, and can be configured to almost any questioning and reporting style.

i-Question boasts an array of features designed to elicit high quality survey responses and ensure integrity in data collection, while delivering a seamless experience for research participants.

From brand tracking to predictive modelling to segmentation; combined with the expertise of our field services team, no survey is too complex for our online survey software to handle.

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Our qualitative platforms enable focus and discussion groups to be conducted online with ease. Both applications have a range of flexible set-up and reporting options, and a number of features, including multimedia streaming, whiteboard facilities and exportable transcripts.


i-Discuss is our application for managing over-time online focus groups. Respondent input is gathered over several days, or even weeks, as participants log in to respond to a moderated discussion.

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i-Focus is an application for running online interactive focus groups in real-time, providing researchers with the ability to bring geographically dispersed respondents together in one group.

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