i-Discuss is i-Link's application for managing over-time discussion groups. It features a range of flexible set up and reporting options and features for conducting online focus groups with ease.

Online discussion groups

Discussion boards hosted on i-Discuss are moderated on a daily basis over a period of several days, or even weeks. Discussion content is added gradually as group members log in to respond to messages posted by the moderator or other members. Participants may be asked to log in as little as once a day, or as much as several times a day depending on the research outcome sought.

If demographic information is also required, a simple online survey can be deployed to collect this data from group participants.

i-Discuss has a range of flexible set-up options to satisfy your specific research needs. For example, boards may be set up in a simple ‘ramble style’, where minimal control is imposed over a respondent’s activity, through to ‘sequential message display’ boards where respondents are required to respond to a message before they are shown other participant responses or allowed to view subsequent discussion topics posted by the moderator.


One-click participant activity reports, as well as colour-coding of user profiles, content and layout all assist the moderator to identify the general responsiveness of the group as well as the activity level for any single participant. Email notifications can be easily sent to participants who require reminders or prompting.

As with all our systems, no downloads are required, just a standard web-browser will suffice. In addition, discussion groups can also incorporate image, video streaming and audio presentations.

i-Discuss groups are available in any language format, with the ability to manage multiple discussions at one time. Transcripts can be downloaded in Word or Excel format at any time during or upon conclusion of the project.

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