i-Focus is an application for running online interactive focus groups in real-time, providing researchers with the ability to bring geographically dispersed respondents together in one group.

Online focus groups

i-Focus is the third application in i-Link’s research arsenal and is used for conducting online focus groups in real time.

This system provides the moderator with the ability to manage group discussions with ease using features such as pre-loaded discussion guides, one-touch probing and control and user notifications displayed in differentiating colours (i.e. system messages in green, moderators are blue, etc.)

Images, webpages, video and audio streaming can be instantly sent to participants via an inbuilt whiteboard. In addition, groups can be silently observed by non-participants with the option for those observers to issue notes to a moderator’s mailbox for reading when time is available.


A simple online survey can also be deployed at the beginning of the group to capture demographic information regarding participants. This information can be viewed by the moderator at any time during the group. Transcripts can be instantly downloaded at any time in Word or Excel formats.

i-Focus has a range of in-built redundancies to ensure groups are not compromised in any way. The platform can be accessed from any web browser and does not require users to download software.

Click here to download our i-Focus Factsheet.