i-Link's leading online survey software brings together tools for survey scripting, data collection and reporting.

With an extensive list of customisable features, it can be adapted to suit all kinds of quantitative surveys, from the simple to the most complex.

Online survey software

i-Question is a highly flexible and adaptive online platform for conducting and managing online quantitative research. First released in 2001, it now houses an array of question types and a host of customisable features, which have been developed with the input of clients, expert researchers and end-users.

Originally built to emulate a CATI system, i-Question has been continuously developed to incorporate the latest technologies and adapt to changing online research methodologies.

Customisable online surveys

As a result of years of ongoing development, most question types required by clients can be found in our extensive question library. This includes all standard question types, such as single and multiple choice, rating, ranking and weighting.

There are various options available for configuring and presenting standard question types, such as utilising point and click or drag and drop selection styles, drop down menus and slider scales, and the inclusion of multimedia content (images, video and audio).

In addition to the customisation of standard question types, the flexibility of the i-Question system also allows us to develop customised solutions when a client’s requirements fall outside of what is available in our standard offerings.

Our Field Services team has a detailed knowledge of the entire range of system options available on i-Question, and are able to quickly tailor questionnaires to best suit the needs of a particular project.

Beyond question types, the i-Question software can cater to any number of complex skip routines, routing, piping, rotations and randomisations. It also allows for sample control and quota management, as well as automatic concept (cell) groupings and rotations to ensure response bias is minimised.

Data collection

Our systems and IT infrastructure are accredited to ISO 27001, the standard for information security management systems. Data is collected live to our highly secure servers, which are deployed with multiple redundancies to ensure that projects can run without interruption.

Clients have the ability to view survey data remotely at any point during the course of their project, while i-Link’s project manager monitors response reports and frequency counts on a daily basis while the survey is in field.

For more information about our online survey software, click here to download the i-Question Factsheet, or visit our Demos page to access an interactive i-Question demo survey.

For a full question library, click here and our team will be in touch to send it out to you.