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July 2015

We recently asked some of our LiveTribe members for their thoughts on the questionnaires that we send them.

We asked a representative section of 500 members for their opinions and whilst many agreed that it was nice to be incentivised with rewards, over 75% said that the main reason they joined LiveTribe was that they liked the chance to provide their opinions, with many saying that they felt that their ‘voice was being heard’. Over 50% also liked the opportunity to see new products and commercials before the wider public.

Their biggest grievance was that surveys were, in general, too long (25%) and repetitive (40%). Partly with this in mind, later this year, i-Link will be publishing a White Paper on the effect of survey length on data quality as well as the effect of quarantine periods on panel members’ recall.

LiveTribe members are extremely engaged individuals (25% said that they wanted more invitations) with many interacting regularly with the LiveTribe Facebook page and Twitter feed. 

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