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August 2015 - ADMA Global Forum

i-Link recently attended the ADMA Global Forum in Sydney. It was a two day event that brought together global leaders who are shaping the world of data-driven marketing & advertising. 

There were 50 speakers from a range of businesses including Vodafone, Facebook, American Express and Telstra with case studies including Content, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, B2B Marketing, Data-Driven Marketing, Tech Trends and Media.

The overarching question however was around how do we get individuals to pay attention in an era where we are bombarded with information every hour of every day? Paul McCrory (Facebook) in his presentation (“Where is the industry going?”) pointed out that present day attention spans were down to 8 seconds – 4 seconds shorter than 10 years ago. Vic Wolff (HSBC) spoke about how customer intelligence leads to customer intimacy and therefore better engagement. 

There were similar sentiments in most presentations and a good deal of talk about how technology (augmented reality, iBeacons etc.) will have a big part to play.

These are all issues that apply to online research – how do we retain panelists and engage respondents with our increasingly busy digital lifestyles? Shorter surveys, more engaging content, different methodologies and increased use of technology will all have their part to play in our industry and the next 3 to 5 years look to be very interesting and exciting times.