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July 2016

Our online qualitative research is delivered through i-Link's two feature packed tools: i-Discuss for conducting over-time focus groups and i-Focus for conducting interactive real-time focus groups.

We are happy to announce that we are upgrading these platforms to HTML5 which means they will function on not only desktops but also tablets and mobiles! This has been a long time coming and the final stages of testing are nearing completion.

The online qualitative tools developed by i-Link have been built based on the input and feedback of researchers like you. The result is intuitive systems that are easy and effective to use for both moderator and participant. Toolboxes and whiteboard elements can be opened and closed as needed, maximising full screen views of the discussion. Groups can include rich multimedia presentation via in-built whiteboards.

Multiple boards, users and groups can be easily managed via the moderator toolbox in either application. Topics, guides and posts are easily uploaded and managed via an intuitive point and click system. With integrated email, group management is a breeze. All transcripts can be exported in a range of formats including Word or Excel. Moderators can also easily view user activity summaries and email participants directly to ensure they remain engaged.

These platforms also include many other features including a range of setup modes for the i-Discuss over-time groups (channelled, sequential and ramble styles), They have a fully customisable look and feel, and for those that just want a simple professional no fuss qualitative board and experience our boards can be set up and ready for use in seconds. Both qualitative tools can also be linked to i-Question for incorporating additional survey components for a seamless experience.

If you've been thinking about conducting online qualitative research, Ask Patrick, Mark or Scott for a demo link today!