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May 2012

i-Link Quick Stat - QR Technology

At i-Link we regularly profile our members via quick polls to determine their usage of everyday products and services. Recently we polled our members around the very topical subject of smartphones and the emerging use of QR codes or Quick Response technology.

To briefly explain a QR code is two-dimensional bar code (see below example), which users of a smartphone can scan via a specially downloaded reader. The benefit is that it allows the user to navigate to a specific website without having to manually type in an often lengthy URL address. It is becoming quite popular for a variety of reasons with marketers especially using it to communicate with their customers whilst in store or via a print placing on brochures, tickets or receipts. The custom sites they are directed to will often provide them with special offers regarding new product lines, advance ticket sales, the clients social media sites, directions to a nearest store or even opportunities to join a retailers online shopper community.

It is also being actively used to connect with customers from a research perspective, activities such as “live event measurement” is now made easy by the positioning of QR codes at specific locations around a venue to measure how customers are actually experiencing a game, concert or a cinema experience to name a few. QR assisted research is operational and spontaneous, it essentially facilitates live and “in the moment” feedback, respondents are provided with a facility to quickly and easily access an online poll or mini survey to record their experience right at the very time of engagement, undoubtedly a very powerful measure to be able to capture.

Example QR Code:

In realising the rapid integration of QR codes across our daily lives we recently polled 338 of our LiveTribe Research Panel members to top line understand:

  • Their level of and type of smart-phone ownership
  • Their use of QR readers and willingness to use in-store or at live events.

Of the 338 members we randomly polled, 55.3% said they currently owned a smartphone. Of those who owned a smartphone, Apple and Samsung were cited as the most popular brands.

Do you own a ‘Smart Phone’? (i.e. a phone with internet access, camera, music player, and can run apps)

Which brand is your current smart phone?

Of those who currently owned a smartphone, approximately 28% were now aware of QR technology and of these a further 60% stated they had already downloaded an actual QR reader. Over 70% of those who have downloaded a QR reader have gone on to actually use it, with the majority also indicating they are open to the idea of using it again and on a spontaneous capacity, be it in-store, at a sporting match, at a concert or even the cinema. For both researchers and marketers this new, easy to use and flexible technology now presents another way to capture and measure their consumer at the point of interaction, the possibilities from both a marketing and research perspective are genuinely endless.

Needless to say i-Link’s advanced survey system i-Question can be easily tailored to operate via a QR access code, already our clients have began using this new medium to position invitations to short and concise measurement surveys at live events, functions and on in-store signage. The type of interview, given that it will be accessed via a smartphone, must be extremely concise (5 questions maximum) or otherwise the respondents will opt to close the survey.

If used properly however it can be used to get those invaluable at point of interaction measurements, sign up’s to social media or an organisations online marketing and research community etc.

For further details on how this technology is being used by our clients then call the i-Link Client Services Team on +61 2 9262 7171 or +61 3 9863 7144, or email us at cs@i-linkresearch.com

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