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July 2019 - i-Link i-Question Mobile App

Do you have trouble connecting with hard to reach audiences on the go? Talk to us about the i-Question Mobile Survey App and discover the most engaging way to survey your respondents. Available across both mobile browsers and dedicated Android/iPhone app downloads.

Designed by experts with a UX focused look and feel, the app’s purpose revolves around lowering fatigue and increasing engagement. The major enhancements are as follows:

  • Immersive survey experience and intuitive behaviours as well as the seamless experience for ‘’on the go’’ video, image capture questions types.
  • Enhanced invite methods for client sample projects such as; SMS text invites – great for younger demographics or time poor respondents.
  • It is also great for simple projects that require:
    • No Adhoc design changes
    • <10 min surveys
    • Basic skips
    • Diary/Realtime Experiences. Seamless video and image capture on the go.
    • A real alternate solution to Grids questions on mobile, our rotating statements question type allows data capture on the same data points but presents in a new format that reduces fatigue and improves consideration – reducing the perceived workload of grids.
  • We use leading hybrid web app technology. Available to all smartphone users, via 3 user-friendly formats, 1. HTML5 browser friendly version as default, 2. Dedicated Apple IOS App, 3. Dedicated Andriod App. Say goodbye to big app downloads for enhanced survey experience, our dedicated apps only require a small quick download, unlocking the full processing power of the minicomputer in their pocket.
  • i-Question Mobile is a perfect solution for short/simple ‘’client supplied sample’’ projects such as VOC projects, NPS studies and new NPD idea testing. It can incorporate client corporate colours to make for an immersive experience for members.


Note, this is not a replacement to our already industry-leading mobile optimisation. Surveys that require customised programming will always need our standard platform mobile optimisation. This app is for simpler, shorter and experience-based mobile surveys. Our team will be able to help let you know which solution suits your needs.

Get in touch with our team to learn more.


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