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March 2020 - Coronavirus

Dear valued client,

Following the announcement by the world health organisation that the covid-19 coronavirus had now decaled a global pandemic and on the advice of the AMSRS and local authorities, i-Link had enacted our emergency business continuity plan.  As a result all staff in our offices will be working from their homes from Monday the 16th of March.   All projects will continue to be managed by the team as usual and Data will continue to be stored and managed on secure Australian servers and protected by our secure data management processes in accordance with ISO27001.

The i-Link business continuity plan has been tried and tested as part of our ISO accreditations and we are very confident of providing ongoing supply of our services without interruption or delay,

At this stage we are unsure what effect if any, Covid-19 will have on participation rates over the coming weeks and months. i-Link management are closely monitoring the response patterns from our LiveTribe community panel and other panels and will provide clients with details should any noticeable change occur.

On behalf of the team at i-Link, I wish everyone the best of health and safety during this coronavirus pandemic.


Scott Clark 
Managing Director