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August 2011

What do Australians most like on their toast?

It's a novel question for sure; however at i-Link uncovering the daily habits of everyday Australians is what we do for a diverse range of clients. Recently in support of the 2011 ESOMAR APAC Conference in Melbourne we polled 386 people from our "LiveTribe" research panel, with the sample matching the Australian population proportions for age and gender, asking them what they most like to spread on their toast.

It appears there is only one winner, and that is the well known spread Vegemite. Almost 41% of the 386 people we polled opted for the iconic Australian brand. It appears also that the passion for Vegemite is evenly spread (pun intended) across the nation, with Vegemite getting an average preferred score of 41% across the 3 more populous states we sampled, these being NSW, QLD and VIC and evenly split also by gender.

Interestingly, according to Wikipedia, "Vegemite is made from used brewers' yeast extract, which is a by-product of beer manufacturing, and various other vegetable and spice additives, which lends it that distinctive smooth and sticky texture. It is not as intensely flavoured as the British equivalent "Marmite" and is less sweet than the New Zealand version, also called "Marmite". According to the Official Vegemite Recipe Site, the most common method of eating Vegemite is on toasted bread with one layer of butter or margarine before then spreading a thin layer of Vegemite over the top, which is a finding the entire team at i-Link agrees with!

The table below shows responses to the question, "What spread do you most like to put on your toast?"

Source: i-Link's proprietary online research panel, LiveTribe
Base: All Respondents (n=386)

John Leahy
Business Manager - i-Link Research

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