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September 2010

An Interactive Tour of our i-Question Demonstration Surveys.

Since 2001 our i-Question survey system has evolved into the ultimate survey tool from our clients perspective; easily deploying complex survey designs such as choice modeling and conjoint analysis tasks, right through to the more standardised tracking and measurement research. i-Question is laden with a suite of intuitive features to support researchers throughout every stage of their planned research design and activity.
Some of these features include:

  • A vast array of customisable question types and methods
  • Interactive point-and-click style technology
  • Multiple media and language capabilities
  • In-built checks and error controls to ensure exact methodology compliance
  • Any combination of complex skip routines, routing, piping, rotations and randomisations
  • Automated sample control and quota management
  • Facilities for the visually impaired
  • Multiple test and review modes
  • Live in-field client and respondent support

Combined with the above features and a great deal more, our i-Question survey system easily meets the requirements of any online research design and is seamless from the respondent's perspective, regardless of survey complexity or any unique client requirements.

Take a tour of our interactive demonstration surveys, they will give you a brief glimpse into the endless online research capabilities available to all of our clients, both current and new.

i-Question - Point & Click:

This demonstration explores some the question styles are designed with an interactive point and click action to enable respondent participation to be faster, less cumbersome and more considered - Click Here

i-Question – The Standards:

This demonstration explores the standard library of questions on offer within i-Link’s advanced survey system – Click Here

i-Question - Video & Audio:

This demonstration explores some of the video and audio capabilities available within i-Link advanced survey systems –Click Here

i-Question - Nifty Preloaded Tools & Customisations:

This demonstration explores some of the nifty preloaded tools & customisations available within i-Link advanced survey system  – Click Here

For a more detailed discussion regarding your online research objectives, contact

John Leahy or on +61 2 9262 7171.


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