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September 2010

i-Link hits the road with our Cafe Q&A!

Last month, i-Link’s management team conducted information sessions with Independent Researchers (IRG members) in Melbourne and Sydney.

These information workshops have been tailored to develop a better understanding of the specific needs of independent researchers throughout Australia, by sharing knowledge about online research. With a key emphasis on education, subjects include; the importance of accurate incidence data for pricing, technology and methodology, quality assurance and development of consumer panels... our Cafe Q&A's have a lot of information to cover!

Featuring informal cafe settings in major cities and an open Q&A format, we discussed a range of topics to meet the interests of our participants whose specialities included quantitative and qualitative practitioners, advanced analytics and social researchers.

Following a summary of our learnings from these key sessions, we will further advance the development of our proprietary research tools and services, whilst sharing these results with the wider Australian and International research community.

We have further plans to expand our Cafe Q&A's to other states, Asia and New Zealand over the next 6 months.

If you and your colleagues are interested in attending one of our Cafe Q&A sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact Laine Edwards directly or call on +61 2 9262 7171.


The i-Link Research Team

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