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June 2010

i-Link Visual Point & Click Style Questions

i-Link has developed a range of visual Point & Click style questions, which are available to all our clients when using i-Link’s advanced online survey system, i-Question.

These question styles are designed with a point and click action to enable faster, intuitive and more considered respondent participation. Participants are able to select from words, statements, logos, images, new products, packaging etc. in both a visually appealing and interactive way.

Within the new library of questions are the question types most often employed (view demo), however if a customised style is required then the Software Dept at i-Link will be more than happy to design one for you.

Question types now available include:

  • Simple Point & Click (single and multiple select options).
  • Point & Click Rating Questions
  • Point & Click Rating for Images or products
  • Point & Click Multiple Grid
  • Grouping Selections in Point & Click
  • Point & Click Ranking
  • Word Associations
  • Slide controls (slider rating and slider anchor rating)

The options available when using all of our question styles, including word association questions, are extensive. For example, you may choose to:

  • Set the limit on the number of words that can be associated to a product or selected in any question type.
  • Randomise or rotate statements, images or word associations.
  • Switch on or off the ability for participants to correct errors or go backwards.
  • Pipe into or out of these questions. For example, options selected in a multiple choice either appear or are removed in a subsequent single select question.

Whatever you imagine...

Because i-Link’s systems are 100% owned and developed by us we can offer unparalleled response time to produce any type of question you can imagine. If you have an idea about an interactive way you would like to ask a question then we can build it for you in an extremely timely and cost effective manner.

Our on-site software team can develop new systems and question styles to suit your need. We can even negotiate exclusivity agreements for new methodologies you might like to develop. I-Link currently has a number of similar agreements in place.

To view a live demo of our current library, just click here.

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