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March 2010

LiveTribe - Nifty Rewards and Incentives

Our online research panel - LiveTribe - continues to grow from strength to strength since its launch in August 2009. LiveTribe is an online community where our members receive rewards, prizes and incentives for taking part in online market research activities like surveys, live discussion groups, research blogs, forums and polls.

Our core focus is around member engagement, creating an environment where like minded people can login, interact and share their opinions regarding a diverse range of company products and services. One of the unique aspects of LiveTribe however is the diverse range of rewards and incentives which our community members can opt to receive upon completion of a research orientated task or activity. A quick summary of these nifty rewards are as follows:

The Saturday Night Lottery

This reward provided to LiveTribe' members is syndicated to a regulated Australian lottery, better known as "Tattslotto", "Gold Lottery", "Lottery" or "Saturday Lottery". The lines drawn by members can be redeemed against a designated Saturday Night draw.

$50,000 Monthly Member Prize Draw

Just for joining or being an active member, LiveTribe offers the entire community a chance to win $50,000 each month throughout the current promotional period. Existing members are automatically entered into each month's draw along those new to our online community. Members can also choose to receive bonus entries into this draw when they participate in surveys.

Numbers Game - Instant $50 prizes

Each time a member completes a survey, refers a friend, suggests a poll or completes all of their profile questionnaires, they get a choice to play the exciting LiveTribe Numbers Game and be in with a chance to win an instant $50 voucher. To win, members must choose three (3) from twelve (12) numbers from the LiveTribe Numbers Game board; members are notified immediately if they have selected a winning combination.

Make a Donation to a CharityEach time a member successfully completes a survey they have the option to give $1 to a charity nominated by LiveTribe.

Make a donation to Rainforest Rescue Each time members complete a survey they are given the chance to make a donation to the Rainforest Rescue (www.rainforestrescue.org.au), a not-for-profit organisation that has been protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally since 1998.

Earn LiveTribe Points

Each time a member participates in a survey, refers a friend, suggests a poll or completes all of their profile questionnaires, they get the choice to earn LiveTribe points. They can opt to accumulate these points and redeem them for gift vouchers from brands like Flight Centre, Amazon, Bigpond music, etc.

Other nifty prizes...

From time to time some surveys offer additional rewards. If a particular survey is offering additional rewards for completion, members are informed in advance via the email invitation for that survey. LiveTribe runs other fun promotions throughout the year on top of those outlined above.

Our research panel is made up of consumers in Australia and New Zealand, whilst now growing in South East Asia. Our members are real people who wish to share their opinions online. Member feedback to date has been fantastic with participation being described as a fun and easy way to voice and share one's consumer opinions.

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