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August 2009

Qualified Opinions re-launched as LiveTribe

The Qualified Opinions Research Panel has been re-launched this month with a brand new name: LiveTribe! Under the guidance of our imaginative and resident designer, Francis Fenlon, we’ve aimed for a fun, friendly and inviting user experience, with lots of colour and a great dollop of imagination! LiveTribe’s theme is that of a land far away where the people are miniature, live in mushroom houses and travel by snail and carriage! LiveTribers are a curious little folk wearing cabbage laplaps whilst sporting bones through their noses. Very cute indeed. The Chief Triber in this strange little land is of course a female of the species. She sits atop a large timber throne, wearing a cabbage dress of elegant design and a head dress of large horns that our panel manager, Ariane Alla, insists are “simply to die for”.

The LiveTribe panel is built on more than just looks however. The site will offer a range of new rewards, which while remaining token in value, will provide participants with greater choice each time they participate. Options will include redeemable points, donations to charity, games and other prize draws, plus the highly appealing lottery lines previously offered at Qualified Opinions. Participants will even be able to plant a tree and help to reduce their carbon footprint! The site also has forums, polls and a host more interactivity, plus more to come very soon. The panel is also being wired for interaction with the social networking scene with nifty gadets, feeds and bookmarks to each member’s current social networking sites. Invitations to participate are essentially delivered to members’ home pages and favoured sites like facebook, i-google and myspace.

The switch occurred on August 5th and LiveTribe members have fully embraced the changes. They’ve been extremely positive about the move and thoroughly engaging in the new forums and polls. The panel’s health has been monitored throughout with little ill-effects to note. Nevertheless, following the rebranding, a significant recruitment drive is under way across a range of media to further grow the panel membership in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

The LiveTribe panel is deployed using a panel management system called Panel Manager which is provided by i-Link’s sister company and technological arm: Complete MR. The system enables effective management and reporting of the panel through a wide range of tools and nifty social networking & web2.0 options including moderated forums, polls, news feeds and more. These capabilities are great but the key feature of Panel Manager for i-Link Research is its compliance to the ISO standard for online access panels (ISO26362) which makes our job vastly easier and the panel suitable for ISO accreditation. The LiveTribe panel now complies to all of these standards.

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