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December 2008

Online Qualitative

At i-Link the development and launch of our second generation i-Focus and i-Discuss applications are complete. Already uptake of these offerings has been strong as they offer both our clients and their respondents an easy to use platform through which to conduct their online research.

i-Discuss is our solution for conducting over-time focus groups, i-Focus to conduct live and interactive focus group sessions. A great deal of thought has gone into all aspects of our qualitative research tools to ensure respondent participation is easy and responses are not unduly influenced or biased in any way.

Designed specifically for qualitative research purposes only, both applications are equipped with a range of features to enable effective moderation and participation within the group:

  • Clean whiteboard displays, designed to maximise concentration whilst minimising distraction- easily opened and closed moderator toolbox and whiteboard elements, maximising full screen respondent views when needed
  • Rich multimedia presentation capabilities via built in whiteboards- multiple boards, users and groups can easily be managed via the moderator toolbox
  • Topics, guides, media and posts are quickly uploaded via an intuitive point-and-click system- integrated email facility for individual and group communication
  • User summary screens quickly allow the moderator to view individual and overall group participation
  • Multiple set-up modes within the i-Discuss over-time groups (channeled, sequential and ramble styles)
  • Customisable look and feel settings- active links to i-Question, incorporating an additional survey component within the group
  • Exportable transcripts in a range of formats, including Word and Excel

Arranging a demonstration is simple, we can either do it in house or online, whichever is easiest. Fees are on a per us basis and always agreed in advance, therefore budgeting for use of these facilities within your research methodology is both cost effective and transparent. These applications, in conjunction with our supporting bureau and DP services, arguably positions i-Link as a global leader in the development and provision of online services.

We are wholly Australian owned and are committed to the support and growth of the market research industry both within Australia and internationally.If you would like to know more, then contact either John Leahy or Scott Clark at our Sydney office, +61 2 9262 7171.

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