Getting To Know i-Link – Staff Bio

September 2017 For each newsletter edition, we will be introducing a member of the i-Link family. Get to know the faces behind some of the names. For this edition, it will be our Managing Director – Scott. Scott is Managing Director of i-Link and is responsible for managing the day to day business of the company with a strong focus on continued development with both clients and business partners.  As part of the initial development of i-Link in 2001 Scott has over 20 years of marketing and business management experience from the corporate and private sector, working within varied industry areas. A bit more about Scott: 1) Favourite things to spend money on: Travel, food and wine in no particular order! 2) Favourite holiday destination: Scotland and Amalfi and Austria ………. 3) What is your obsession right now? Walking and more walking – ensuring I stay healthy. 4) Favourite TV shows Roseanne, Star Trek , Modern Family, 5) One thing most people wouldn’t know about you? Did not start to drive a car until I was 30 years old.  Now I love to drive.    

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