i-Link Accreditation

December 2015

Just a friendly reminder, as a member of AMSRO, ESOMAR, and AMSRS, i-Link Research abides by the industry standards, guidelines and codes of practice prescribed by these industry bodies, including:

  • AMSRO Market and Social Research Privacy Code and the Australian Privacy Principles as detailed in the Privacy Act 1988
  • AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour and guidelines on the confidential handling and delivery of respondent information
  • ESOMAR Guideline for Online Research
  • AMRSO Quality Standards for Online Research (Access panels).

In addition, i-Link adheres to the Australian Anti-Spam laws, applying this on a global level, and holds the following accreditations:

  • ISO 20252, the international standard for social, opinion and market research
  • ISO 26362, the standard for access panels in market, opinion and social research
  • AMSRO Trust Mark – Seal of Endorsement  

Finally, in early 2015, we moved all our servers back to Australian shores. In addition, all our data is stored in an encrypted format and we continue to conduct regular penetration testing and security audits on the servers and systems.

If you have any questions relating to i-Link’s accreditations/standards please feel free to contact Scott or Patrick at – 


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