We manage your projects the ISO 20252 way

June 2008

We manage your projects the ISO way

At i-Link we have achieved another milestone in our company history. After over 48 procedures, 50 internal audits, and a 4 day external audit from SAI Global, our team was successfully awarded the ISO 20252 certification in May 2008. i-Link is now one of the only 21 companies in Australia certified under the international standard for market, opinion and social research. What it means for our clients: achieving and maintaining our ISO certification requires our steadfast commitment to continuous quality. You entrust us with critical tasks such as sample recruitment, survey building and hosting, comprehensive logic testing prior to field work, right through to extracting data files that are always accurate and reliable. Our daily tasks are thoroughly guided by exhaustive procedures ensuring the ongoing quality of our work. How do we really manage your projects? Bearing in mind that client satisfaction is our number one priority, we manage your projects the ISO way in terms of:
  • Better documentation: for example, complete project and client records, no matter how small or how large the project. We will always maintain a file containing a complete and accurate history of our clients operations with us.
  • Improved internal and external communication: everyone within our Field Services team knows who is responsible for what, from project briefing to programming, to field work and delivering the final data requirements.
  • Greater quality awareness: if you have a query or complaint, we take it seriously. We immediately conduct an internal audit to identify the issue, then quickly come up with active solutions to fix the problem and ensure it is prevented from happening again.
What you can expect from our team: for every task you require us to manage, you can expect more consistency and accountability, especially from our Project Managers. We want you to be completely confident that the people you have entrusted with managing your projects will follow effective procedures designed to maximise efficiency and quality. You speak, we listen. As our partner you can help us continuously improve our service. We always want to hear your comments, feedback and concerns. Drop us a line anytime at: cs@i-linkresearch.com or call us on +612 9262 7171. -Carmela Brion, Quality Systems Manager

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