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Our Privacy Policy

At i-Link, we consider the issue of privacy and security an extremely important one. We uphold and are committed to strict ethical guidelines with regards to the confidentiality and privacy of our clients and the research respondents with whom we undertake research.

Privacy Policy

This document is the Privacy Policy of i-Link Research Solutions Pty Ltd (ACN: 111 433 535) referred to in this policy as “i-Link”.

Who we are and what we do?

i-Link is a privately owned company registered in New South Wales, Australia. i-Link undertakes market research data collection on behalf of market research agencies, corporations, government entities and NGOs (“Clients”) located in Australia and around the world. We do this by inviting people to participate in our online surveys and discussion groups (“Participants”).

i-Link’s accreditations and standards

i-Link is a registered member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS), the Australian Market and Social Research Organisation (AMSRO) and the essential organisation for encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide (ESOMAR). i-Link is accredited to the International Standard for Market and Social Research (ISO 25352) and undergoes annual audits for compliance to this standard which includes compliance to Australian laws regarding privacy.

Information we collect and store

We collect coded or verbatim opinion data (“Data”) that is obtained in response to a survey or discussion. In almost all cases Data is distributed to Clients in aggregate form and cannot be identified as belonging to any individual. We always let Participants know if data we collect will be matched to stored data that would identify them and always gain the approval of Participants at the start of a survey or discussion.

i-Link may store personally identifying information that is supplied to us by our Clients for the purpose of conducting market research. This may include information such as: i. Email addresses; ii. Other contact details; Information that can personally identify someone is stored in an encrypted form and separate from the Data we collect.

Occasionally i-Link will collect information that can identify a Participant (“Personal Data”). Personal Data may include a Participant’s name and email address or other contact information and is obtained in case we need to recontact the Participant for research purposes. We will always ask for the Participant’s permission before we collect Personal Data. Personal Data is always stored in encrypted form. In some surveys we may ask for sensitive information such as personal income, household income, sexual orientation or religious practice. We will always allow a Participant to opt-out of providing this information. Sensitive information is always stored and reported in aggregate form.

Apart from Participant Data, i-Link may also collect and store Client contact and company information to be used solely for the purpose of providing our service. Such information is stored on local secure servers at our registered offices in Castlereagh Street, Sydney. i-Link does not directly market products or services to any research Participant. i-Link may also disclose personal information in circumstances where we are authorised or required to do so by law, and in circumstances where we consider it appropriate to do so in order to ensure that laws are complied with.

Cross-Border Disclosure of Personal Information

i-Link may disclose some personal information to organisations outside Australia if we consider it is appropriate to do so. The organisations outside of Australia may not have the same or substantially similar privacy laws as those in Australia. Australian Privacy Principle 8.1 will not apply to such disclosure but nonetheless our Clients consent to the disclosure of such personal information overseas.


i-Link may send emails with the sole purpose of inviting someone to participate in a survey or discussion group on behalf of our Clients. Email lists will have been obtained from Clients for this purpose. Email invitations distributed by i-Link are only sent to Participants who have, to the best of our knowledge, given their consent to receive such emails. Every email sent by i-Link includes the ability to unsubscribe from receiving further emails. Unsubscribe data is provided back to our Clients for removal from their lists at the end of a project or in two weeks, whichever is first.

LiveTribe membership and data

i-Link manages and operates an online community of willing Participants called LiveTribe. Members of the LiveTribe community have double-opted in to participate in online surveys and discussion groups. All personal information collected and stored for this community is housed in a separate location to i-Link Data. Members of the LiveTribe community should refer to the Privacy Statement specific to that community which can be found at livetribe.com.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

i-Link may amend this privacy policy from time to time. The current version of this Privacy Policy will always be published on our website.

Protection of privacy and personal information

i-Link takes the protection of privacy very seriously. This Privacy Policy sets out how we deal with personal information. i-Link is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles under statute.

Making a complaint

i-Link feels very strongly about protecting Participant privacy and agrees with the Australian Privacy Principles. If you believe i-Link has acted in breach of Australian Privacy laws you can direct your complaint to the general manager directly by calling toll-free on 1800 003 995 or by email to info@i-linkresearch.com. Alternatively complaints can be made to the AMSRS by phoning toll-free on 1300 364 832 or by email to amsrs@amsrs.com.au

Information regarding The Privacy Act can be found here: http://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-act/the-privacy-act.