Data Processing

i-Link's field services team can provide all levels of analysis and data processing required, including coding, file conversions and cross tabulations.

Data Deliverables

i-Link’s project managers are experienced analysts and can assist with a range of data processing requirements. Quantitative data collected from questionnaires is provided in a fully labelled SPSS file as a standard output. The generated SPSS file can be further exported to an Excel spreadsheet or delimited text file.

In addition, specialist file formats such as Skytab and Surveycraft can be supplied at a further nominal cost. A further 24-hours may also be required for conversions into these formats.

For qualitative data, we provide a transcript in plain text files or in XML and HTML formats. XML transcripts can be imported for viewing in Microsoft Word and Excel. Additional formats are available for verbatim responses on request.


Verbatim responses to open-ended questions within an online survey can be coded and subsequently quantified if required.

We pride ourselves on only engaging senior and highly experienced staff to deliver our coding output. Typically a code-frame specification would be provided, however, if you do not wish to supply one for your project, our able coders can develop a suitable one for you.

Cross Tabulations

Stub & Banner tables are produced using mrTables software and delivered in PDF format. These tables display a banner across responses for all questions in the project.

Clients are asked to provide a specification which details the make-up of the banner to a maximum of 15 data points, as well as groups being compared in the banner.

Clients may also request additional cross-tabulations which are outside the standard banner (additional costs may apply).