Sample Recruitment

As a leading provider of online research services, i-Link has cost-effective access to over 1.2 million research participants in most regions throughout the world, utilising multilingual capabilities when needed.

Online recruitment

Online sample recruitment is done through our own consumer panel, LiveTribe, and through a global network of partner panels. Where required, our participants are drawn from panels used exclusively for market and social research purposes.

i-Link follows best practices for panel and online community management. We adhere to Australian Privacy and Anti-spam legislation on a global level and have been instrumental in developing best-practice for selection and validation of research respondents. The technology that hosts our online panel is accredited to ISO 27001, the international standard for Information Security Management.

i-Link’s panel access includes:
  • All Australian consumer panel
  • Industry Professionals and Healthcare
  • Primary Producers
  • Technology


LiveTribe is i-Link’s ISO 26362 accredited online research-only panel for Australia. It is an actively managed panel with 310,000 members and a 77% activity rate. Members are recruited for research purposes only, via various means such as print media, online marketing, direct mail, affiliate partners, personal invitations and a range of other initiatives.

We have developed advanced methods of sampling and built them into our panel management system to ensure that participants are drawn representatively. Participants can be drawn from our panel by a range of demographic variables based on statistical proportions to the local population. Other sampling criteria include hundreds of discreet types of profiling information to ensure we can pre-target a specific population of interest quickly and cost effectively.

For more information about our panel see our factsheets: