Project Management

i-Link's field services team is made up of project managers who are skilled data analysts and experts in our online research platforms. They know your work and our technologies best, and are ready to assist with your online fieldwork.

With a dedicated project manager assigned to each project, regardless of which aspects of your online fieldwork you outsource to us, you will receive only the highest level of client service from i-Link.

Project set-up

Our Client Services team work with our Field Services staff to ensure that your project’s requirements are clearly understood before any fieldwork commences.

Generally, the project set-up stage involves confirming project specifications such as timeline, sample requirements and data deliverables; and assigning a project manager, who will set up the project in our system and provide you with access to our Client Portal.

Survey Scripting

Using i-Question, our advanced survey system, the project manager will build a survey according to your specifications. We can also provide assistance with optimising survey designs to enable the authenticity of responses to be verified, and give advice on techniques for applying questions in ways that will garner greater consideration by respondents.

i-Question houses an extensive library of question types and a host of customisable features, which are the result of years of ongoing development. If you should devise a unique way of collecting data, we will always look to develop a customised solution to suit. Better still, where a new method or approach can be incorporated into our system for future use by others, we will often make these customisations without any cost implication to you!

When a survey has been finalised, our data validation tool, i-Bot, is deployed to validate the survey. i-Bot automatically completes the questionnaire many thousands of times to ensure that there are no errors in survey logic and set up.

Email Management

i-Link is a certified Return Path sender. Using our experience in conducting online research, and knowledge about the email verification process, we can assist you with the creation, distribution and management of email invitations for your survey, discussion or focus group.

If you plan to use an existing email list, we can also conduct email address validation prior to the distribution of invitations. This verification process identifies the bad email addresses and transient accounts contained in a given list so that they can be separated out. A full verification report can then be provided to you.

Note: In order to satisfy Australian Privacy and Anti-Spam laws, email distribution lists supplied must contain the full names of all persons on the list, and all persons listed must have agreed to receive emails from the company or organisation supplying the list.

Monitoring and Live Reporting

The project manager will monitor the progress of your survey regularly while it is in-field. During this data collection stage, you will receive a daily response report providing a snapshot of how the project is tracking, including:

  • Number of completed interviews
  • Terminations against each screening question
  • Number of completes achieved against target quotas (if any have been applied)
  • Number of drop-out or incomplete interviews

Once the required number of interviews have been achieved, the survey will be closed so that data processing can begin.