Online Omnibus

i-Link's online omnibus is ideal for adhoc research projects requiring a national sample and quick turnaround.

Drawing sample from LiveTribe, our proprietary online research panel, the omnibus provides a simple solution for fast, cost-effective access to Australian consumers.


A total of 1,000 interviews are conducted every month for the online omnibus, with a sample of Australian consumers provided by LiveTribe.

The LiveTribe panel is used exclusively for market and social research purposes, and is accredited and managed to ISO 26362 standards. The sample used for the omnibus is nationally representative and drawn to match ABS distributions for age, gender and location.

The online omnibus questionnaire includes standard demographic questions, with the profile data made available to all subscribers.

Demographic questions include:

  • Age, gender and state
  • Rural or metropolitan
  • Children’s age and gender
  • Industry, occupation and socioeconomic status
  • Life stage
  • Household income and personal income


i-Link will provide raw data in Excel, CSV or fully labelled SPSS format, however other data output formats may be provided on request.

In addition, cross-tabulations (Stub & Banner tables), including analysis by demographic variables for within-group differences (z-score tests), are produced using mrTables software and saved in PDF format.

Stub & Banner tables can be supplied as hardcopy or in whatever electronic format is required (additional costs and delivery times may apply).

Verbatim responses are provided for open-ended questions with coding also available at an additional cost. Extensions to data delivery timeframes may be required for questions requiring coding.