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2015 Christmas Poll

December 2015

i-Link Research recently conducted a quick poll with our LiveTribe members to get a gauge on Christmas preparations and their favourite Christmas themed movies. Respondents were polled through i-Link's own consumer research panel, LiveTribe, with a total sample size of n=480. The sample was drawn representatively to match the national distribution for age, gender and location in Australia.

See the below infographic for a summary! 

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Merry Xmas from i-Link
LiveTribe Noble Causes – Care for the Coast

Merry Christmas from i-Link!

It’s Time to Say, “Thank You”

The management and staff at i-Link would like to thank all of our clients and partners for their continued support throughout 2015. We wish you all an exciting and prosperous year ahead and look forward to working with you again in 2016.

i-Link’s Christmas Opening and Closing Period

We are going to be taking a very short break over the Christmas and New Year Period during which time our office will be closing. Our last business day will be on Wednesday, 23rd December. Our closing dates are as follows; Closed:            Thursday 24th December 2015 (Last business day is 23rd Dec) Re-opening:     Monday 4th January 2016 Please rest assured that any pre-arranged or ongoing projects would not be affected; however if you have any last minute projects or timelines that we are not yet aware of please discuss these with us as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions; otherwise have a fantastic holiday break! December related stories:

i-Link Accreditation LiveTribe Noble Causes – Care for the Coast Christmas 2015 Poll

Christmas Newsletter 2014

November 2014

Spending up on 2013

66% of our panelists will be spending the same or more as they did last year with 40% of total respondents spending between $250 and $750.

And if you were wondering what the best Christmas gift option out there is this holiday season, our poll found 54% of people are planning on buying the ever-adaptable store gift cards and vouchers for their family and friends.

Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, i-Link would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Good mix of online and in store shopping

But navigating through the long queues and wading through the special offers during the extended trading hours is a collective struggle that everyone experiences.

Among i-Link panellists, 18% have started their Christmas shopping by September. Conversely, 11% will leave it all until the week before.

8% will choose to avoid the crowds altogether and will do all of their shopping online. And 57% are expecting to purchase both online and in-store.

For those who use online as a shopping method, 39% of respondents do not pre-plan to purchase from specific stores, with convenience, discounts and avoiding those crowds being the biggest drivers

According to our poll, online sources are also predominantly used to research gift ideas (35%), objectively compare prices (32%) and avoid the throngs of other in-store holiday shoppers (31%). Interestingly enough though, over 56% of people will still closely read catalogues or flyers they receive in the mail to assist with their decision making prior to making a purchase.

Christmas shopping and spending habits 2014

The Christmas season is nearly upon us and whether you’ll be gearing up for a massive feast with the extended family or just preparing a quiet get together with a few friends, Christmas is always a special time of the year.

Without exception, once the festive season is in full swing, everyone’s attention shifts to finding that perfect present for each person on their shopping list.

Christmas Shopping Poll 2013

November 2013

Christmas Shopping Poll 2013


We conducted a poll study in October 2013 to explore the attitudes and intentions of Australian consumers about Christmas shopping for the upcoming holiday season.

Respondents were polled through i-Link’s own consumer research panel, LiveTribe, with a total sample size of n=553. The sample was drawn representatively to match the national distribution for age, gender and location in Australia.

Kicking off the Christmas rush

While a portion of respondents chose to get a head start by beginning their Christmas shopping in October or earlier, the majority said they will wait until November or December, keeping up the traditional Christmas rush that we are used to seeing this time of year.


A love/hate relationship

Respondents were divided when asked what they like and dislike most about shopping during the Christmas period. While the Christmas spirit seems to enhance the experience for some, for others it does nothing to make the crowds and busy stores more bearable.

When asked what they like most about Christmas shopping, responses broadly fell into four categories:

  • Shopping experience Shopping over Christmas made more enjoyable by factors unique to this time of year, such as an abundance of sales and special offers (16%), and the opportunity to shop for loved ones (8%).
  • Mood/Feeling The atmosphere and feeling of festivity is what fourteen percent (14%) of respondents said they like most about Christmas shopping.
  • Christmas elements Aesthetics in particular seem to contribute to making the shopping experience more pleasant, with nine percent (9%) of respondents citing Christmas lights, decorations and colours as the things they like most about shopping in the holiday season.
  • Occasion Where positive sentiment about Christmas shopping stems from the occasions or events that occur during this time. For example, Christmas parties (1%), and family gatherings (1%).

In terms of dislikes, more than half of the respondents (54%) cited crowds as the thing they liked least about shopping during the holidays. Other pet peeves for shoppers at this time of year are the stressful atmosphere (12%), lack of parking (10%) and the overall cost incurred (8%).

Shopping for others

With the seemingly endless choices of products available for purchase, it’s little wonder that just over half (54%) of respondents will be leaving the decision up to their gift recipients by them giving vouchers or giftcards as Christmas presents.

Other popular gift product categories were clothes, shoes and fashion accessories (40%), and toys or games (38%).

Informed shopping

When looking for information to help them with their Christmas shopping, most respondents turn to the Internet (64%). Other popular sources of shopping information are print catalogues or store flyers (59%), and in-store displays (46%).

The forms of marketing or advertising that respondents deemed least useful for informing their shopping decisions were SMS promotions (2%), billboards (4%) and radio (8%).

For those respondents who turn to the Internet for shopping help, the preference is to go straight to the source with around half (54%) saying they find the information they need by using a search engine, or going directly to a product, brand or retailer’s website (31%).

finding-shopping-info-online The top 5 reasons that respondents gave for going online as part of their Christmas shopping process were:
  • To compare prices (60%)
  • To research gift ideas (59%)
  • To avoid the Christmas holiday crowds in-store (58%)
  • To find product information (55%)
  • To access discounts or special deals (51%)

Shopping logistics

Despite the availability of online shopping, about a quarter of respondents still plan to do all of their Christmas shopping in-store, while the majority (60%) will be combining the best of both worlds.



In terms of spending outlook for this year’s holiday season, the majority of respondents expect to spend about the same amount on Christmas shopping this year as they did last year (57%).


To download the full report (PDF) click here.

For enquiries about this study, or to find out more about i-Link’s services, contact our Client Services team:

P: +61 2 9262 7171 E: info@i-linkresearch.com  
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Christmas Shopping Infographic

November 2013

Infographic: Christmas Shopping 2013

With the holiday season just around the corner, Australian consumers and retailers are gearing up for the busy Christmas shopping period.

Here’s a sneak peek at the results of our annual Christmas shopping poll, conducted in early October.

Stay tuned for the full report of the study coming very soon!


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