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2016 Members Poll

October 2016 – Members Poll

We recently asked some of our LiveTribe members for their thoughts on the questionnaires that we send them.

We asked a representative section of 1220 members for their opinions and whilst many agreed that it was nice to be incentivised with rewards, over 70% said that the main reason they joined LiveTribe was that they liked the chance to provide their opinions, with many saying that they felt that their 'Voice was being heard'. Over 50% also liked the opportunity to see new products and commercials before the wider public.

Their biggest grievance was that surveys were in general too long (16% in 2016 down from 25% in 2015) and repetitive (32% in 2016 down from 40% in 2015)

LiveTribe members are extremely engaged individuals (25% said that they wanted more invitations) with many interacting regularly with the LiveTribe Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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2015 Christmas Poll

December 2015

i-Link Research recently conducted a quick poll with our LiveTribe members to get a gauge on Christmas preparations and their favourite Christmas themed movies. Respondents were polled through i-Link's own consumer research panel, LiveTribe, with a total sample size of n=480. The sample was drawn representatively to match the national distribution for age, gender and location in Australia.

See the below infographic for a summary! 

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Are you using i-Link minipolls?

October 2016

Struggling to determine an incidence rate for a potential project? Looking to quickly pre-target hard to reach respondents? Need to throw in some quick stats for a last minute pitch to a new client?


Book in an i-Link minipoll today and for a small fee we can usually set the poll up and launch within 2 hours. Specify your demographics, question(s), length of time in field and number of respondents and we take it from there!


Contact Patrick via patrick@i-linkresearch.com and he will get the ball rolling.

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Car Purchasing and Ownership

June 2013

Car Purchasing and Ownership


At i-Link we regularly poll the members of LiveTribe, our research panel, to determine their awareness levels about specific brands, products or services in the Australian consumer marketplace. We are also able to identify topline purchasing trends and profile certain demographics of interest for a particular research study.

Recently, we polled LiveTribe members on the topic of car ownership to explore attitudes and intentions regarding their current ownership and next car purchase. The first poll was conducted in October 2012, with a total of 578 respondents, while the second was conducted in May 2013, interviewing a total of 552 respondents.

The most recent poll asked panellists about which cars they currently own and which cars they would consider purchasing in the future. When questioned about current ownership around one third (31.3%) stated that they own a medium-sized car, followed closely by large car owners at around one fifth (23.9%) and then small car owners at less than 10%. Interestingly, when asked about future buying intent, more than half of the respondents (52.2%) stated that they would purchase either a small- or medium-sized car, with only 20% indicating preference for a large car. This aligns with the results of the October 2012 study, showing that while large cars may once have been popular, there appears to be a continuing shift in consumer preference towards small and medium sized vehicles. Looking at the earlier poll, when asked specifically about car ownership, a significant 90% of respondents stated that they owned their own car. When asked what type of car they would most likely purchase in the next 12 months, the leading preference, about a fifth of respondents (22%), was for vehicles in the small car segment (for example, VW Golf, Holden Astra or similar), followed closely at 20% by the medium car segment (for example, Subaru Liberty, Toyota Camry or similar).

The above preference figures may be explained by the known and increasing desire for vehicles that offer greater fuel economy, lower taxation and maintenance costs, and the all important reduced emissions factor, which represents a lesser impact on the natural environment. Additionally, average fuel prices in Australia have risen over the past four years, supporting the notion to any savvy consumer that paying attention to these trends makes a lot of financial senseˆ.

Another interesting finding from these polls is that about half (45.7%) of those interviewed stated they would consider both new and used cars in their purchase decision making process, with more than a fifth (21.5%) stating they would consider and purchase a used car only. While consumer confidence has increased since the 2007-2008 global financial crisis, it would seem that continued financial constraints keeps price at the top of mind, making the appeal of used cars hard to ignore, and perhaps contributing to an increase in the total market share for used cars. It’s also worth noting that in February 2013, market research by IBIS concluded that the demand for both luxury and new motor vehicles had decreased significantly in the aftermath of global economic downturnˆˆ.

In conclusion whilst it can be said that cost has traditionally underpinned the consumer’s mindset in buying a car, the informed consumers of today are increasingly mindful of the long term economic, emotional and moral considerations involved in this highly complex transaction. This, coupled with global and domestic emissions regulations for manufacturers becoming more stringent, suggests the hybrid car option may become a dominant player in the automotive market of the future, perhaps even a lot quicker than we all might think. Car ownership and purchasing is an intriguing subject matter, and one that will continue to be a favoured topic of research as consumers, markets and economies evolve.

i-Link conducts similar studies on this and other emerging consumer trends using our proprietary technology and panel of Australian and New Zealand members. For more information on how we can assist you with the deployment of your online research contact our Client Services Team.

cs@i-linkresearch.com / +612 9262 7171

Note: the above data has been sourced by a dedicated i-Link topline frequency poll. The sample was drawn and despatched representatively by age, gender and location, however all quotas thereafter were allowed to fallout naturally. The findings as expressed above are intended to be indicative only and are not intended as a detailed reflection of consumer trends in the general Australian marketplace. Further information regarding the above data can be supplied by the i-Link Client Services Team


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Australia’s favourite leisure activities

October 2011

Australians’ Favourite Ways to Spend Their Free Time

Everyone has a favourite way to enjoy their free time or relax after a stressful day. So to find out how Australians incorporate leisure activities into their daily lives, we conducted an online poll study of 200 people via our proprietary research panel – “LiveTribe”. The sample was drawn representatively based on the national distributions for gender, age and location in Australia as stipulated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The following is a summary of the key findings:
  • The majority of Australians (92%) chose to spend their free time engaged in entertainment activities, with watching TV, a video or DVD topping this category at 85%.
  • Personal time was considered nearly as important (90%), with “reading” (63%) considered the best way to spend time alone, followed then by “listening to music” and “enjoying a sleep in” both getting scores of 51%.
  • Almost 9 out of 10 Australians listed food indulgence as a way of unwinding themselves.
  • Australians appeared to strongly value spending time with family (74%), while 52% liked to chat or hang out with their friends.
  • With a 78.3% internet penetration rate (source : Internet World Stat, March 2011), it is not surprising that 2 out of 3 Australians cited “web surfing” as a preferred way to spend their free time.
  • Taking a holiday (60%) was considered a favourite way for Australians to reward themselves.
  • Not surprisingly Australians considered a traditional Aussie BBQ (51%) as the best way to socialise with their friends and family.
Let’s check out in more detail the list of leisure time activities favoured by Australians below:

The Gender Differences in Leisure Time

Our findings revealed that there was a significant difference between males and females in regards to how they spend their free time. Males tend to spend more time surfing the internet (76%),compared to females who scored this pastime at 56%. In contrast, spending time with loved ones (85%) was the most common leisure activity cited among females. Furthermore, food was considered the indulgent pleasure of females, with nearly three-quarters of them preferring to relax over a cup of tea or coffee, and more than half (54%) choosing to cook or bake during their free time. Other past-times mentioned include :

The Generation Gap

We have uncovered the similarities and differences across all generations : “Gen Y’s” or “Millennials” prefer to spend time with friends over family, this due to spending more of their free time on out-of-home activities. Younger generations (Gen X & Y) keep themselves occupied with a string of active lifestyle pursuits while placing also a high value on balancing these activities with adequate sleep. Bonding and family time was a key consideration amongst the 3 dominant generations or the “non-Millennials” Serenity mattered the most to older generations, these being the “Baby Boomers” and the “Silent Generation”. When it comes to leisure time, they were more likely to opt for holiday retreats, gardening and DIY pursuits. Key generational observations :

Online Leisure Time

Time spent on various online activities were high (82%) as internet has progressed in becoming an integral part of daily life for many Australians. 64% of Australian internet users surf the web several times daily. Social networking (SN) is now a truly global phenomenon. 39% of Australians engage in social networking as a leisure pursuit, with half of these being heavy users who frequent a SN site several times a day. More than one-third (37%) of the Australian population has made a purchase over the internet. Majority (85%) were regular online shoppers, with a further 2 in 5 of them were making online purchases a few times in a month. This is not surprising as online shopping has shown an upward trend in Australia, where it is predicted to grow at more than twice the rate of the total retail market in Australia over the next four years. (source : PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia, July 2011) Close to one-quarter (20%) were either watching online videos via video sharing sites and/or gaming online. The chart below illustrates how Australians spent their time by the top 5 online activities:

Leisure Breaks

Taking a holiday or traveling (60%) was another favourite way to relax among the Australian participants we polled, of whom 65% preferred interstate / domestic trips. With spellbinding coastline and iconic beach destinations dotted across Australia, it is not surprising that 2 in 5 domestic travellers favoured a ‘beach and sunshine’ holiday to unwind. ‘Sightseeing and cultural trip’ (36%) was considered by Australians as the best way to experience an overseas destination. Below lists the 5 most frequently mentioned holiday types : To reach your target market is to connect with them Getting to know more about the everyday life of your target audience is being able to demonstrate that you understand what drives their daily decision making habits. Keeping abreast of the shifting trends towards leisure activities helps you to profile and capture your core consumer market more effectively, convey your intended message across and uncover any fundamentally shifts in their mindset. By Megan Kuek PR & Communications Manager  
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What do Australians most like on their toast?

August 2011

What do Australians most like on their toast?

It’s a novel question for sure; however at i-Link uncovering the daily habits of everyday Australians is what we do for a diverse range of clients. Recently in support of the 2011 ESOMAR APAC Conference in Melbourne we polled 386 people from our “LiveTribe” research panel, with the sample matching the Australian population proportions for age and gender, asking them what they most like to spread on their toast. It appears there is only one winner, and that is the well known spread Vegemite. Almost 41% of the 386 people we polled opted for the iconic Australian brand. It appears also that the passion for Vegemite is evenly spread (pun intended) across the nation, with Vegemite getting an average preferred score of 41% across the 3 more populous states we sampled, these being NSW, QLD and VIC and evenly split also by gender. Interestingly, according to Wikipedia, “Vegemite is made from used brewers’ yeast extract, which is a by-product of beer manufacturing, and various other vegetable and spice additives, which lends it that distinctive smooth and sticky texture. It is not as intensely flavoured as the British equivalent “Marmite” and is less sweet than the New Zealand version, also called “Marmite”. According to the Official Vegemite Recipe Site, the most common method of eating Vegemite is on toasted bread with one layer of butter or margarine before then spreading a thin layer of Vegemite over the top, which is a finding the entire team at i-Link agrees with! The table below shows responses to the question, “What spread do you most like to put on your toast?” Source: i-Link’s proprietary online research panel, LiveTribe Base: All Respondents (n=386) John Leahy Business Manager – i-Link Research

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Nifty Rewards and Incentives with i-Link’s Online Research Panel

March 2010

LiveTribe – Nifty Rewards and Incentives

Our online research panel – LiveTribe – continues to grow from strength to strength since its launch in August 2009. LiveTribe is an online community where our members receive rewards, prizes and incentives for taking part in online market research activities like surveys, live discussion groups, research blogs, forums and polls. Our core focus is around member engagement, creating an environment where like minded people can login, interact and share their opinions regarding a diverse range of company products and services. One of the unique aspects of LiveTribe however is the diverse range of rewards and incentives which our community members can opt to receive upon completion of a research orientated task or activity. A quick summary of these nifty rewards are as follows:

The Saturday Night Lottery

This reward provided to LiveTribe’ members is syndicated to a regulated Australian lottery, better known as “Tattslotto”, “Gold Lottery”, “Lottery” or “Saturday Lottery”. The lines drawn by members can be redeemed against a designated Saturday Night draw.

$50,000 Monthly Member Prize Draw

Just for joining or being an active member, LiveTribe offers the entire community a chance to win $50,000 each month throughout the current promotional period. Existing members are automatically entered into each month’s draw along those new to our online community. Members can also choose to receive bonus entries into this draw when they participate in surveys.

Numbers Game – Instant $50 prizes

Each time a member completes a survey, refers a friend, suggests a poll or completes all of their profile questionnaires, they get a choice to play the exciting LiveTribe Numbers Game and be in with a chance to win an instant $50 voucher. To win, members must choose three (3) from twelve (12) numbers from the LiveTribe Numbers Game board; members are notified immediately if they have selected a winning combination. Make a Donation to a CharityEach time a member successfully completes a survey they have the option to give $1 to a charity nominated by LiveTribe. Make a donation to Rainforest Rescue Each time members complete a survey they are given the chance to make a donation to the Rainforest Rescue (www.rainforestrescue.org.au), a not-for-profit organisation that has been protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally since 1998.

Earn LiveTribe Points

Each time a member participates in a survey, refers a friend, suggests a poll or completes all of their profile questionnaires, they get the choice to earn LiveTribe points. They can opt to accumulate these points and redeem them for gift vouchers from brands like Flight Centre, Amazon, Bigpond music, etc.

Other nifty prizes…

From time to time some surveys offer additional rewards. If a particular survey is offering additional rewards for completion, members are informed in advance via the email invitation for that survey. LiveTribe runs other fun promotions throughout the year on top of those outlined above. Our research panel is made up of consumers in Australia and New Zealand, whilst now growing in South East Asia. Our members are real people who wish to share their opinions online. Member feedback to date has been fantastic with participation being described as a fun and easy way to voice and share one’s consumer opinions.

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Qualified Opinions re-launched as LiveTribe

August 2009

Qualified Opinions re-launched as LiveTribe

The Qualified Opinions Research Panel has been re-launched this month with a brand new name: LiveTribe! Under the guidance of our imaginative and resident designer, Francis Fenlon, we’ve aimed for a fun, friendly and inviting user experience, with lots of colour and a great dollop of imagination! LiveTribe’s theme is that of a land far away where the people are miniature, live in mushroom houses and travel by snail and carriage! LiveTribers are a curious little folk wearing cabbage laplaps whilst sporting bones through their noses. Very cute indeed. The Chief Triber in this strange little land is of course a female of the species. She sits atop a large timber throne, wearing a cabbage dress of elegant design and a head dress of large horns that our panel manager, Ariane Alla, insists are “simply to die for”.

The LiveTribe panel is built on more than just looks however. The site will offer a range of new rewards, which while remaining token in value, will provide participants with greater choice each time they participate. Options will include redeemable points, donations to charity, games and other prize draws, plus the highly appealing lottery lines previously offered at Qualified Opinions. Participants will even be able to plant a tree and help to reduce their carbon footprint! The site also has forums, polls and a host more interactivity, plus more to come very soon. The panel is also being wired for interaction with the social networking scene with nifty gadets, feeds and bookmarks to each member’s current social networking sites. Invitations to participate are essentially delivered to members’ home pages and favoured sites like facebook, i-google and myspace.

The switch occurred on August 5th and LiveTribe members have fully embraced the changes. They’ve been extremely positive about the move and thoroughly engaging in the new forums and polls. The panel’s health has been monitored throughout with little ill-effects to note. Nevertheless, following the rebranding, a significant recruitment drive is under way across a range of media to further grow the panel membership in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

The LiveTribe panel is deployed using a panel management system called Panel Manager which is provided by i-Link’s sister company and technological arm: Complete MR. The system enables effective management and reporting of the panel through a wide range of tools and nifty social networking & web2.0 options including moderated forums, polls, news feeds and more. These capabilities are great but the key feature of Panel Manager for i-Link Research is its compliance to the ISO standard for online access panels (ISO26362) which makes our job vastly easier and the panel suitable for ISO accreditation. The LiveTribe panel now complies to all of these standards.

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