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2016 Members Poll

October 2016 – Members Poll

We recently asked some of our LiveTribe members for their thoughts on the questionnaires that we send them.

We asked a representative section of 1220 members for their opinions and whilst many agreed that it was nice to be incentivised with rewards, over 70% said that the main reason they joined LiveTribe was that they liked the chance to provide their opinions, with many saying that they felt that their 'Voice was being heard'. Over 50% also liked the opportunity to see new products and commercials before the wider public.

Their biggest grievance was that surveys were in general too long (16% in 2016 down from 25% in 2015) and repetitive (32% in 2016 down from 40% in 2015)

LiveTribe members are extremely engaged individuals (25% said that they wanted more invitations) with many interacting regularly with the LiveTribe Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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Australian Streaming 2016

October 2016 – Australian Streaming i-Link Research recently conducted a poll with n=1200 of our LiveTribe members to find out how many Australians use a streaming service such as: Netflix, Stan, etc. Here’s what we found out… Related October Stories: i-Link Members Poll i-Link Minipoll Surveys i-Link Noble Causes   Back to News

Download this infographic.

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i-Link / Livetribe Noble Causes

October 2016 – Noble Causes: Care 4 Kids Charity is important in our community and as such i-Link is continuing the LiveTribe Noble Causes initiative. This month, the charity in focus is Care 4 Kids. Care 4 Kids is about providing kindness to children who may be in a vulnerable situation. This could be due to domestic violence or a family situation. Care Packs will give a child something positive to focus on and to show them someone cares. i-Link has always been committed to combining online research with charity activities to give members the opportunity to donate to worthy causes. Our LiveTribe members donate thousands of dollars to various charities each year by sacrificing their survey reward points. This is just one of the many things i-Link is working on to help out in the greater community. Related October Stories: i-Link Members Poll i-Link Minipoll Surveys i-Link Streaming Poll 2016   Back to News

i-Link / Livetribe Noble Causes

July 2016 – Noble Causes: Paws for Thought

April marks the completion of our second Noble Cause! Since December, i-Link panel members have been donating their reward points to Paws for Thought (PFT). The group rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs abandoned in NSW pounds, saving them from death row and giving them a chance at a ‘happily ever after’. Later this month the i-Link team will be meeting with PFT to see how the donated money has been put to use. This is one of the many initiatives i-Link is undertaking to put something back to the community! 

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i-Link / Live Tribe Noble Causes

December 2015 – Noble Causes Care for the Coast

LiveTribe.com, an Australian online community, is donating $1500 to a central coast charity organization, Care for the Coast. The donation is provided through LiveTribe’s initiative, Noble Causes, and it is going to be used to create Christmas hampers for disadvantaged families living on Central Coast. i-Link’s LiveTribe community team will be travelling to San Remo from Sydney on Monday, December 21st to meet with Care for Coast volunteers and to present the hampers to the families.

“The donation could not have happened at a better time,” said Care for the Coast founder, Gina Atkinson, “We are a grassroots organisation and while we can collect many second hand item donations, we always have a hard time raising funds to purchase necessities. With this donation we can create amazing Christmas hampers to as many as 50 families.”

The funds were raised by LiveTribe members donating their survey participation points and LiveTribe.com. A LiveTribe community member, Kelly, nominated Care for the Coast earlier this year when the Noble Causes initiative launched.

LiveTribe Noble Causes focuses on hyper local initiatives that help LiveTribe members’ immediate communities around Australia. It allows LiveTribe.com members to actively participate in charitable activities by nominating and donating to personal causes.

Care for the Coast is the first LiveTribe Noble Causes beneficiary.

For more information please contact Reece Howard, Community Manager at LiveTribe 02 9262 7171 or reece@i-linkresearch.com

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2015 Christmas Poll

December 2015

i-Link Research recently conducted a quick poll with our LiveTribe members to get a gauge on Christmas preparations and their favourite Christmas themed movies. Respondents were polled through i-Link's own consumer research panel, LiveTribe, with a total sample size of n=480. The sample was drawn representatively to match the national distribution for age, gender and location in Australia.

See the below infographic for a summary! 

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ANZAC Day 2015 Poll

April 2015 – ANZAC Day 2015 Poll

ANZAC Day has come and gone, and we polled the members of LiveTribe to find out what they had planned for the day as well as what they thought of not having a public holiday on the Monday. Here is what they told us…




For more information about this poll, or to discuss your online consumer research needs, email our Client Services team: cs@i-linkresearch.com



Weekend Activities Poll

March 2014

Weekend Activities

Now that summer has wound down and the days are getting shorter, our anticipation of the weekend becomes a little more urgent with each passing week. On that basis we polled our panellists to get an insight into their planned weekend activities. Below is a little of what we found…



The most popular weekend activity was shopping, which accounted for half of the responses we collected. Stocking up on groceries was the most common reason for a weekend shopping trip at 89%, followed next by shopping for clothing and footwear (34%).

The great outdoors

We’re fortunate to enjoy great weather in Australia and it appears our panellists don’t take it for granted. Heading to the beach or a local park was also a popular weekend pastime (29%), with activities such as swimming (21%), relaxation (34%) and catching up with friends and family (17%) being the most popular pursuits once there.

Keeping active is another common weekend pastime, with a quarter of respondents indicating that various health and fitness activities form part of their weekend schedule, of these, going to the gym (42%), general outdoor sports (37%) and yoga, dance or pilates (19%) were most popular.

Wining and dining

At the other end of the spectrum, but just as popular, were the more passive activities of going to a restaurant or cafe (30%), and going to a club, pub or bar [21%], indicating that Australia’s known appreciation of socialising is showing no signs of abating.

i-Link is an industry leading provider of online research technology and data collection services. For more information about this article, or to see how we can assist you with your online research objectives, contact our Client Services Team: cs@i-linkresearch.com

Total sample of n=517 was drawn from i-Link’s proprietary consumer research panel, LiveTribe. The sample was drawn representatively to match ABS distributions for age, gender and location in Australia.

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Car Purchasing and Ownership

June 2013

Car Purchasing and Ownership


At i-Link we regularly poll the members of LiveTribe, our research panel, to determine their awareness levels about specific brands, products or services in the Australian consumer marketplace. We are also able to identify topline purchasing trends and profile certain demographics of interest for a particular research study.

Recently, we polled LiveTribe members on the topic of car ownership to explore attitudes and intentions regarding their current ownership and next car purchase. The first poll was conducted in October 2012, with a total of 578 respondents, while the second was conducted in May 2013, interviewing a total of 552 respondents.

The most recent poll asked panellists about which cars they currently own and which cars they would consider purchasing in the future. When questioned about current ownership around one third (31.3%) stated that they own a medium-sized car, followed closely by large car owners at around one fifth (23.9%) and then small car owners at less than 10%. Interestingly, when asked about future buying intent, more than half of the respondents (52.2%) stated that they would purchase either a small- or medium-sized car, with only 20% indicating preference for a large car. This aligns with the results of the October 2012 study, showing that while large cars may once have been popular, there appears to be a continuing shift in consumer preference towards small and medium sized vehicles. Looking at the earlier poll, when asked specifically about car ownership, a significant 90% of respondents stated that they owned their own car. When asked what type of car they would most likely purchase in the next 12 months, the leading preference, about a fifth of respondents (22%), was for vehicles in the small car segment (for example, VW Golf, Holden Astra or similar), followed closely at 20% by the medium car segment (for example, Subaru Liberty, Toyota Camry or similar).

The above preference figures may be explained by the known and increasing desire for vehicles that offer greater fuel economy, lower taxation and maintenance costs, and the all important reduced emissions factor, which represents a lesser impact on the natural environment. Additionally, average fuel prices in Australia have risen over the past four years, supporting the notion to any savvy consumer that paying attention to these trends makes a lot of financial senseˆ.

Another interesting finding from these polls is that about half (45.7%) of those interviewed stated they would consider both new and used cars in their purchase decision making process, with more than a fifth (21.5%) stating they would consider and purchase a used car only. While consumer confidence has increased since the 2007-2008 global financial crisis, it would seem that continued financial constraints keeps price at the top of mind, making the appeal of used cars hard to ignore, and perhaps contributing to an increase in the total market share for used cars. It’s also worth noting that in February 2013, market research by IBIS concluded that the demand for both luxury and new motor vehicles had decreased significantly in the aftermath of global economic downturnˆˆ.

In conclusion whilst it can be said that cost has traditionally underpinned the consumer’s mindset in buying a car, the informed consumers of today are increasingly mindful of the long term economic, emotional and moral considerations involved in this highly complex transaction. This, coupled with global and domestic emissions regulations for manufacturers becoming more stringent, suggests the hybrid car option may become a dominant player in the automotive market of the future, perhaps even a lot quicker than we all might think. Car ownership and purchasing is an intriguing subject matter, and one that will continue to be a favoured topic of research as consumers, markets and economies evolve.

i-Link conducts similar studies on this and other emerging consumer trends using our proprietary technology and panel of Australian and New Zealand members. For more information on how we can assist you with the deployment of your online research contact our Client Services Team.

cs@i-linkresearch.com / +612 9262 7171

Note: the above data has been sourced by a dedicated i-Link topline frequency poll. The sample was drawn and despatched representatively by age, gender and location, however all quotas thereafter were allowed to fallout naturally. The findings as expressed above are intended to be indicative only and are not intended as a detailed reflection of consumer trends in the general Australian marketplace. Further information regarding the above data can be supplied by the i-Link Client Services Team


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