About i-Question

More than just a market
research survey system

Featuring a range of tools for creating online questionnaires, data collection and reporting; it is a highly adaptable system that can cater to surveys of all kinds, and can be configured to almost any questioning and reporting style.

i-Question boasts an array of features designed to elicit high quality survey responses and ensure integrity in data collection, while delivering a seamless experience for research participants.

About i-Discuss

Access the power of our online
over-time discussion groups and communities

i-Discuss is i-Link's application for managing over-time discussion groups. I-Discuss features a range of flexible set up and reporting options it also includes leading stimulus display and control capabilities for conducting online focus groups with ease.

Discussion boards hosted on i-Discuss are self-moderated on a daily basis over a period of several days, or even weeks. i-Discuss boasts an array of features designed to elicit high-quality engagement and considered responses, helping researchers get the most from their group while delivering a seamless experience for research participants.

About i-Focus

Intuitive online real-time focus groups

i-Focus is an application for running online interactive focus groups in real-time, providing researchers with the ability to bring geographically dispersed respondents together in one group. Our systems have been designed by researchers to ensure that they perform in methodologically sound and appropriate ways which guarantee the best possible research outcome.

This system provides the moderator with the ability to manage group discussions with ease using features such as pre-loaded discussion guides, one-touch probing and control and user notifications displayed in differentiating colours (i.e. system messages in green, moderators are blue, etc.)

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